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CBS 42 News: Local Filmakers In Cannes
by Emily Ingram

A couple of local filmmakers make it to the big leagues of film recognition in France. They've been selected to submit two of their short films titled "Waiting" and "High Expectations" in the Cannes Film Festival. The short film "High Expectations" took six months of pre production, three 17 hour work days for shooting, and two months of post production to make a 15 minute short film. Director Yuri Shapochka says submitting to Cannes was the easy part. "When you have a film you have to select the right festivals make your list and send it there. Cannes it's a dream of all filmmakers," says Shapochka. "We would like to see your scripts, to see your ideas and help you to develop you script and show the movie. Yeah we have a secret, we have two scripts for full films," said Bolshinskaya. While they were at the festival, they pushed for companies to consider Birmingham for future films. The crew says they are in the preproduction process on their next film.