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Inside the Clubhouse on Highland, cast and crew from Hollywood to as far away as the Ukraine are making a movie that takes place right here in Birmingham. The film, "Clubhouse", tells the story of a paralyzed Iraq war veteran who uses the house for the greater good of the community, but finds several forces working against him. Production began last week. Cast and crew members find themselves working all hours of the day and night.

The writer and director, Yuri Shapochka was born in the Ukraine but lives in Birmingham. He specifically wrote the script for the Clubhouse on Highland. For him, the city and state as a whole offers a lot for filmmakers. "There are many advantages of shooting film in Alabama and everybody is very supportive and actors who I've brought from Los Angeles, Hollywood, they're very impressed with everything that they see," Shapochka said.

Actors and crew members share the same sentiment. Tim Abell, who plays the lead character Robert said, "The cast and crew we got from Birmingham is just wonderful, it's nice to be in a town where you're working with folks that really care about film making," Filming is expected to wrap up early next week. A release date for the film has not been set.
By Edward Burch, ABC 33/40